About Me

Hey Guys,
This is Pavi, (Pavithira VijayRaghavan) author of Pavi's Platter. I hail from Tamilnadu and my loving husband Vijay (Vj) is from Telangana (former A.P). I have a 1 2 year old son, Vivaan Sriram and he is certainly a blessing in my life.

After working with 3 IT giants as a System Admin for 7 years, I quit my job an year ago and became a full time mother and of course, a blogger :)
For me, cooking is something I love and enjoy preparing food and believe in the saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" :D 

From childhood, I had that interest / passion in cooking as I got enough chance to explore the kitchen, having a working mom. Both my mom and dad are very good cooks but they never got time to try something new apart from South Indian cuisine. I love the Sambar mom makes and the excellent non vegetarian food especially the tangy fish curry dad makes for us in the weekends. My parents always encouraged my cooking skills and gave me chance to cook and learn sometimes in weekends. 
After college and joining work again I got enough time and chance to cook and explore new dishes in my own kitchen as I stayed away from home.

I generally used to note down recipes in paper and the idea of blogging stuck me as it would be a good repository for all the recipes we learn and try and will be a good source of reference in future for me as well as others. Also there are many people around who enter kitchen only post marriage, hope my blog would help them a bit. 

I believe in cooking fresh food daily as cooked food turns stale and slimy left overnight even in fridge. I minimize the use of canned and store bought ready-made ingredients and  we mostly avoid eating outside and believe in home made food and so says my tagline for blog "No Place like home cooking". We rarely eat outside that is when we go shopping or any outing and we try different cuisines those times instead of Indian food.

I have a love for Italian cuisine and it can be seen here with a variety of Pasta dishes. I like cooking non vegetarian.. love spicy food.. and always interested in trying different cuisines. I developed interest in traditional Andhra food after marriage.

One question many of my friends ask me is how do i get time to cook click and compose it here and maintain this blog in-spite of baby at home. Its all about time management and I strongly recommend to allocate some time for yourself and your passions come what may. Apart from cooking my hobbies include pencil sketching and crocheting.  

All the recipes here are tested and tried in my kitchen before posting it here. Most of the south Indian recipes are ones I learnt from my mom since my school days. Other recipes around the world are learnt from fellow blogs/websites, youtube, books and cookery shows. I analyse atleast 5 different sources of a recipe and know what exactly goes in it and how is it made traditionally and later I may or may not tweak it according to my tastebuds.

I use Nikon 3200 and trying to learn food photograpy, so professionals please bear with my amateur clicks :)

This blog mainly focuses on Indian food and will be useful for beginners and foodies. I really hope to inspire you all in some way with my recipes and instructions and help to bring out the chef in you. All your comments and suggestions are always welcome and you can reach me at pavithiravijay@gmail.com for any queries.


  1. Hi pavi,

    am preetha jaikumar I love cooking new dishes so ma hubby brought me an morphy richards microwave convention oven I tried alot to make cake but it went hard I dnt knw how to cook it dat means the correct time and temperature. So pls do help me out.

    1. HI Preetha, I am not expert in baking. just started with a few baking dishes. THe time and temperature mostly varies depending upon the oven. . General at 195 - 200 deg C you can bake for 15 - 20 mts for a simple cake. it should turn nice golden brown on the outer and a knife inserted should come out clean. you have to keep an eye on it and can check once in the middle.
      you can chk out these links as you said you have morphy richards.

  2. Hi pavithra,
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  3. Hi pavithra,
    I went through your blog. Very nice recipes.I love to read your blog.Pls visit mine,when you get free time and provide your feedback and comments www.priyascafe.com

  4. Hi pavithra,
    I went through your blog. Very nice recipes.I love to read your blog.Pls visit mine,when you get free time and provide your feedback and comments www.priyascafe.com

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  6. Hi Pavithira,

    I think your blog is very extensive and the way you have presented the dishes step by step is awesome. Will be following your blog.


    1. THanks a lot Raj for stopping by and encouraging.

  7. Hey !!
    Great recipes. Beautiful blog. Thnx a lot for sharing.
    Best wishes.

  8. அருமை அருமை.Perfectionist .... As always

  9. Lovely blog Pavithira!! I am just starting out, and blogs like your's are such an inspiration!! :)


  10. Hey nice blog :) interesting recipes. Keep it up

  11. Hey pavi I wanna knw the recipe of authentic south indian sambhar masala

  12. Also I hv tried ur bisibelle bhaat recipe....and it was amazing

    1. THanks Vishaka.. Sorry for the late reply. Will post the recipe for sambar powder soon

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